The Tri-State Logistics Council (TLC) is a non-profit organization that represents businesses in the transportation and logistics industries, affiliated firms that provide goods and services, government agencies, community organizations, and educational institutions. The TLC takes in a 27-county region in Dayton, Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southwestern Indiana.

The TLC will work with members to spur regional economic development, create jobs, and invest in infrastructure and education to drive growth in logistics, transportation, supply chain and construction resources. 

Our Vision

TLC is an industry trade association that includes business members, government agencies, chambers of commerce, port authorities, educational institutions, and business support services. We are a convening authority for strategic regional initiatives, a catalyst for economic development, a source of business connections, and a resource for news on the latest industry trends. The TLC adds value in at least four areas:

  • Workforce development, training and education
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology
  • Promotion of a business-friendly environment 

What is a Logistics Council?

  • A catalyst for regional growth through partnerships with economic development organizations and other public agencies
  • A supporter of skilled work force training and education, from high school through advanced graduate degree programs
  • A supporter of efficient transportation (air, roads, rail, bridges, maritime) through funding for the region’s top infrastructure priorities
  • A supporter of innovation, research and sustainability
  • A creator of a business friendly environment to attract new companies to the region by convening a group working together toward common goals
  • A supporter of education and workforce training in transportation and logistics by providing information and scholarships to interested students
  • A convening authority for strategic regional initiatives
  • A catalyst for international trade and business development in our region

Who we are:

TLC (Tri State Logistics Council) is a non-profit organization governed by member led board.  Members include:

  • Transportation and Logistic Companies
  • Education Institutions
  • Affiliated Support Services & Goods
  • Government Agencies
  • Community Organizations

What we do:

TLC (Tri -State Logistics Council) works with membership to:

  • Spur Regional Economic Development
  • Create Jobs
  • Expand Educational  Programs and Workforce Training

Our Mission:

We cover a 27 County Region in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana:

  • Greater Cincinnati
  • Northern Kentucky
  • Greater Dayton   
  • Southeastern Indiana

TLC is a  Industry Trade Association and Convening Authority in:

  • Strategic Regional Initiatives
  • Economic Development
  • Industry Trends
  • Business Connections
  • Industry News 

Tri-State Logistics Council

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