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Downloading the Form

In order to use these documents, you must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®. To download this free software go to


Filing out the Form

The fill-in form feature allows you to enter information directly. These forms may be filled out in your web browser window, or from a saved copy on your computer. Once filled-in, these forms may then be printed out with the information appearing neatly in the form fields.


To fill out a PDF form online or on your computer, click on the form fields with your mouse. A cursor will appear and you may begin typing. To move on to the next field, you may either use the tab key on your keyboard, or click on the next field you want to fill out. Most text fields have character limits. You will not be able to save the filled out version of the form.


Printing the Form:

To print the form once it is filled out, simply right click onto the document and select the Print button. The print dialogue box should then appear, as with printing from any other application. You may also go to the File menu and select Print.


Saving the Form

To save the form, right click on the document and select Save As to save the document in a desired location on your computer, you may also choose Save As from the your dropdown File menu. Saving the document will not save the information entered in the form fields. This information will not appear the next time the document is opened. The information in these fields may be filled-in at any time when the document is open by once again clicking on the form fields.


Emailing the Form

Should you choose to email the form, you will need to print out the filled out version of the form or print out the form and fill it out by hand. Once the form has been printed and filled out, it will need to be scanned and set as a saved file on your computer. Compose a new email directed to: and attach the scanned image file. 

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