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Join the growing number of Transportation & Logistics companies located in the Tri-State.

Reasons to Relocate Here:

  • Our region is a North American continental crossroads for businesses and travelers.
  • Millions of tons of product floats past our miles of riverfront and the Port of Cincinnati.
  • Our region is home to major airports with excellent domestic and international service and built-in capacity for growth.

Over the past years:

  • 13% of all newly created jobs in the region were in distribution
  • More than $400 million was invested in distribution 

The Tri-State is within 600 miles of:

  • 60% of the U.S. and Canadian populations
  • 56% of U.S. Manufacturing
  • 51% of U.S. Purchasing Power
  • 27 Major Metro Areas

All within a 90 minute  flight or one day’s drive.

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Transportation and Logistics in the Tri-State Region 

The movement of freight in the region is a key factor for economic development. The transportation and logistics industry in our region provides the foundation to build and grow other industries in the region. The Tri-State region can provide safe, efficient, and low-cost movement of products and goods — by air, river, rail, and road. Its multimodal system presents a competitive advantage for manufacturers and businesses.

Interstate – The Tri-State is served by major interstate highways which intersect in the immediate area: Sixty percent of the U.S. and Canadian population is located within 600 miles; 20 major metropolitan areas are within a day’s driving time.

Rail - The Tri-State  region is served by several major railroad transportation facilities, including three intermodal terminals and three train classification yards. The major railroad companies serving the Tri-State Region, include Norfolk-Southern, CSX and RailAmerica. These three rail companies process nearly 100 trains per day.

Waterway - The Ports of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, reaching 226 miles from Portsmouth, Ohio to below Carrollton, Kentucky, ranks as the #1 inland port in the United states and the #14 port in the nation for tons of cargo transported via waterways. Downtown Cincinnati is at the exact midway point of the Ohio River, also known as "Marine Highway 70" (M-70), which includes 981 miles of navigable water from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cairo, Illinois. The Ports of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky annually ship more than 50 million tons of cargo, including coal, petroleum products, aggregates, grains, fertilizers, steel products, chemicals, and more. Two dams in the region, the Meldahl and the Merkland, create steady and reliable "pools" which provide excellent conditions for commercial traffic, recreational use, fresh drinking water, and majestic scenery.

The Ports of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky - Learn more about the region's waterway resources by visiting www.corba-usa.org.

Air - The Tri-State region has several major airports that facilitate efficient freight and passenger service. Among these airports are Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International, Dayton International., Willington Air Park and Wright-Paterson Air Force Base.

Public Transportation - The Tri-State Region provides a growing list of public transit options including bus.


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