Cincinnati State Degree and Certificate Programs 2014

Thursday Sep 25, 2014

9/26/2014 Cincinnati State Degree & Certificate Programs:

  • The Supply Chain Management degree provides classroom and on-the-job experience encompassing the activities involved in overseeing interconnected businesses.
  • Classroom curriculum combined with co-op opportunities will afford the student with a 66 credit hour associates degree.
  • Supply Chain Management graduates learn the effective use of time, money, material handling, tracking, and quality management in order to affect business profitability. Through cooperative education work experience and a well-planned curriculum, graduates of the Supply Chain Management program may expect entry level positions in all distribution activities including, but not limited to, inventory management, material handling, warehousing, logistics, transportation, and procurement.
  • There is a recognized gap in industry between the available jobs in Supply Chain Management and the qualified people to fill them. It is imperative to close this gap if the greater Cincinnati area is going to become a nationally recognized leader in supply chain and logistics.
  • For more information about the Cincinnati State Supply Chain Management Degree go to the Cincinnati State Website:

  • or call for more information 513-569-1620




 Be an active part of the Southern State and Cincinnati State Colleges’ Truck Driving (CDL) Training Partnership’s

Why the Truck Driving Academy?

  • This programis a comprehensive hand on truck driver training course that meet the state of Ohio’s requirements for a CDL (Commercial Truck Driving License. The program is 160 hours. The students are requited from by the Cincinnati State College Workforce Development Center (WDC), TTLC (Tri-State Transportation and Logistics Council), and industry. The course is taught by WDC staff and/or in partnership with Southern State. The TTLC assists in recruiting students from its members, industry and the general public.
  • This is an Accelerated Program in which you can earn a CDL or Class B CDL license in four weeks or eight weekends.

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 Workforce Development Center- Cincinnati State


LeanOhio Boot Camp: Transforming the Public Sector

LeanOhio Boot Camp is an intensive week-long training that gets people learning and using Lean methods and tools. The entire program is tailored to the public-sector workplace and public-sector processes. This is practical training aimed at generating results. Participants will be able to use their new knowledge and skills immediately -- to make government simpler, faster, better, and less costly.

The training is filled with government examples and exercises. Included is an in-depth simulation involving a prototypical agency, so participants build their toolkits by way of a real-world situation. It’s perfect for people who work in government in an Ohio city, township, county, school district, or other governmental agency or organization.

Participants will be able to:

•          Scope an improvement project

•          Decrease the complexity of processes and eliminate unneeded steps

•          Apply Lean tools and methodologies to make their organization more effective and efficient

•          Improve the quality and consistency of work products


Utilizing Lean a public sector entity can:

  • Eliminate or drastically reduce backlogs
  • Reduce time to meet customer needs by more than 50%
  • Decrease the complexity of processes and eliminate unneeded process steps
  • Improve the quality and consistency of work products and activities
  • Allocate more staff time to “mission critical” work
  • ·         Improve staff morale

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