Transportation, distribution council to represent growing industry

Saturday Aug 30, 2014

Transportation, distribution council to represent growing industry

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By Chelsey Levingston

Staff Writer

A new industry group had formed, representing the shared interests of Cincinnati and Dayton players in a growing vital sector.

The Tri-State Transportation and Logistics Council is a nonprofit that formed in August to promote the region’s transportation and distribution industry. It is physically housed at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College’s Workforce Development Center in Evendale. The freshly-formed coalition is recruiting members in the industry from the 27-county area including greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Springfield, said Daniel Ricciardi, president and chief executive officer.

While located at Cincinnati State, Ricciardi said the council is funded by membership dues from businesses, local governments and other organizations that have joined.

Ricciardi described his industry as a foundational one.

Distribution goes hand-in-hand with manufacturers that need to deliver their goods to customers.

But retailers also rely on the distribution industry to fill orders customers place online and deliver products to their customers’ doorsteps quickly. “It’s just as important for retailers to get things to their stores at the right time,” he said.

The more reliable and efficient transportation companies become, the more industries Cincinnati and Dayton can attract, he said.

1. Tell me about the group and why it was formed.

Ricciardi: “The vision is for Cincinnati State to have a logistics center that the council would be a part of and connected to the supply chain management degree Cincinnati State launched last week.”

Plans in the works for the logistics center are also affiliated with the college’s Workforce Development Center in Evendale. Meanwhile, funding is being sought to help pay for job training programs.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for both entry-level positions, mid-level positions and management positions in transportation,” Ricciardi said.

“The logistics council itself is sort of an industry trade group that brings transportation industry leaders together.

“The reason its formed is to draw the industry together…and provide opportunities for our region to expand its base in transportation and distribution logistics.

“The Tri-State region is located centrally within the United States… We have a river here, so we’re connected not only here, but to the rest of the world.”

2. What is the group’s main focus areas?

Ricciardi said the group has four founding pillars:

• Workforce development training and education, to supply employers with the workforce they need;

• Infrastructure such as road projects that would benefit both the industry and the community, creating efficiencies that will reduce environmental impact and efforts for future development;

• Commercializing technologies for the transportation industry and environmental issues, for how companies can be more efficient and reduce their carbon footprint; and

• Business environment that studies existing laws and regulations and keeps members informed.

3. What is the region that the group represents and how is it working across Cincinnati-Dayton?

Ricciardi says the transportation council purposely represents the same 27-county area that was recently awarded the federal “manufacturing communities” designation.

“We’re talking to organizations and companies in Dayton as we are in northern Kentucky and Indiana,” he said.

“It’s just bringing together all the representatives of the industry into a coalition.

“If we’re looking to work on a road project or we’re looking for a grant…or we’re looking to influence some state or local laws, it’s always stronger together. I think in any industry, it’s important for businesses to come together in like industries and make sure their interests are represented.”


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